Topsoil in Preston and the Surrounding Areas
Aggregates for Landscaping and Drainage

At LN Contractors, we do not only remove topsoil for our clients in Preston and the surrounding areas, we also repurpose it. We make use of our grab lorry to come to your home or construction site to remove the soil. Working with high-quality machinery and fully licenced operators, we will come to you and get the job done efficiently. No need for you to worry about getting a licence for the lorry, we have you covered.

Below we go through what it is and how it can be used by our clients in their gardens or on their lawn.

mechanised crusher

What is it?

Topsoil is the soil that plants usually grow on. This is because most of the nutrients the soil receives come from above the ground. When you are planting a new garden, we always advise that you make use of topsoil. When you start your new garden, we can come in and place new soil and mix it in with the top layers of the existing soil so that it is spread evenly. This will make your garden prime for new growth, from flowers through to grass. When you are building a new home, you would need to clear the top layers of soil from the site for foundations. Our team offers grab hire services to do this for you.

How we Deliver

Our team makes use of a grab wagon or a small vehicle to deliver between 1-20 tonnes of soil to your property. Depending on your preferences, we will either tip it onto your driveway for you to spread it where it is needed, or we will grab it with our grab lorry directly onto your garden.


Our team offers groundwork services to our clients in Preston and the surrounding areas. One of these services is working on drainage. When you have an area of land or garden that holds water and becomes waterlogged, we have a solution. We would place topsoil on this area and mix it in to about 12 inches, helping the water drain down.

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