Grab Lorry Hire and Recycled Aggregates in Preston
The Benefits of Our Services

LN Contractors provides a range of benefits for our customers, from saving on the cost of buying machinery to reliable aggregate delivery. Our services include grab hire and groundworks as well as the supply of primary and recycled aggregates, including topsoil. With a range of plant available, including a grab lorry, we help your project in Preston or the surrounding areas run smoothly, with minimal hassle. Our team will even operate the machinery for you and ensure you get the most from our service.

Here are the key benefits of using LN Contractors for your project:

  1. Greater Selection
    When working with a specialist company like us, you get an array of options that suit your needs, from grab hire to mini diggers. However, if you were to buy your own grab lorry, for example, you would be limited by what you have and what your budget allows. By only getting a certain machine, you may be inclined to use it for something it isn’t intended for, which can result in hazardous work, sub-par workmanship and disappointed clients.
    Visit our gallery to see some of our machinery in action.
  2. Flexible Service
    With our services in Preston, you don’t have to worry about unexpected changes or issues. We provide the equipment and recycled aggregates or topsoil you need, when you need them. With our own fleet as well as a yard where we stock and recycle aggregates, we are flexible to your changing requirements, allowing you to get the job done.
  3. No Maintenance Worries
    When purchasing new equipment, you would need to think about a maintenance plan. Proper maintenance is very important with large machinery. If you do not perform regular maintenance, eventually a problem will render the machinery useless. When you make use of our plant and grab hire services, we take care of the maintenance, meaning you get all the benefits of the machine, without having to worry about maintaining it.
  4. No Storage Needed
    When you own machinery, you need a safe space to store it. This can prove expensive and inconvenient depending on the location of storage in relation to your work site. Furthermore, each year millions of pounds worth of machinery gets stolen from construction sites, giving you one more thing to worry about. If you hire plant from us, none of this is your concern.
    In addition, our aggregate delivery service means you don’t need to store large quantities of materials – you can call us for the primary or recycled aggregates you need at each stage of your project.
  5. Cost-Effective
    One of the biggest benefits of our services is that we can save you money. When you choose to hire a grab lorry or other plant over buying, you can save an exponential amount of money. This is because you are only paying for use of the machine as you need it.
    In addition, we can combine grab hire services with aggregate delivery, be it topsoil, crushed concrete or another aggregate. We also delivery materials from our yard. This all helps minimise transport costs for our Preston clients.

Contact LN Contractors on 01772 285125 or 07814 008689 for recycled aggregates and grab hire in Preston and the surrounding areas.


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