Recycled Aggregates
in Preston and the Surrounding Areas

There are many growing concerns about the environment when it comes to every aspect of life in Preston and the surrounding areas. This is putting pressure on businesses to become more eco-friendly by using more sustainable materials. Recycled aggregates are a way for construction companies to become more sustainable. This is becoming a more popular choice than conventional aggregates. They are created from used construction materials or from any extra materials a company does not need.

With aggregates that have been recycled becoming better quality, many companies are starting to use them more often.

Recycled Aggregates

A recycled aggregate is developed from reprocessing of materials that have been used in construction first. These materials, or aggregates, are pulled from many different sources such as demolished buildings. The process involves crushing and mixing the materials to ensure they meet the legal requirements for them to be recycled aggregates that can be used in new construction projects.

A recycled aggregate can be used for many different things. Through our reprocessing of concrete, it can be used in curbing, pavements or the foundations of a bridge. We provide larger pieces of crushed aggregate for use on many different bulk fills. These larger pieces can be a fill or base for road construction and drainage structures. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.

Benefits of Using a Recycled Aggregate

There are many benefits to using a recycled aggregate for your construction needs. Below is a list of some of the benefits:

What we Offer

LN Contractors offers many different types of recycled aggregates to our clients in Preston and the surrounding areas, including but not limited to, topsoil. Below is a list of the other aggregates we provide:

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